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You have to see our Dashboard features
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You can fill Resellers form, join as an iptv reseller
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Become a Marvel IPTV reseller and discover the easiest way to make money


Weekly account costs 2 Credits
1 Months account costs 5 Credits
3 Months account costs 12 Credits
6 Months account costs 22 Credits
12 Months account costs 40 Credits
6 Months account costs 42 Credits (2 connection )
12 Months account costs 76 Credits (2 connection )


150 Euro = 150 Credits
300 Euro = 380 Credits (26% bonus)
500 Euro = 660 Credits (32% bonus)
1000 Euro = 1450 Credits (45% bonus)
2000 Euro = 3000 Credits (50% bonus)

Join as a IPTV Reseller and make money

There are many ways in which you can make money these days. In this busy world, with the advent of technology, people generally seek side jobs that are mixed with their low-paid jobs. Income from internet-based jobs is easy to achieve and to manage. Many also have these jobs as their main professions and they are motivated and pleased.
If you have a few hundred dollars or euros and want to start a good business, think about IPTV as well. IPTV is a good option for this subject. You can spend a lot of time and earn money and if you have more time, you will get more income. But how? In the past, the IPTV sales platform wasn’t as easy as it is today. From finding a customer, providing service and support as well as debugging channels and other issues. Today you can start your business with low resources and have all the tools you need in order to achieve success. Just pay attention to this comparison.